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Professional oil change in Alexandria, VA

A simple oil change in Alexandria, VA makes a big difference in your car’s health. This auto service, when performed regularly, extends your vehicle’s life, as well as keeps it functioning optimally. Pinecrest Shell & Auto Repair keeps your engine clean and properly lubricated with our oil change services.

Why change the oil

Your car’s oil ensures the engine runs as smooth as possible. It is also responsible for lubricating thousands of the engine’s components. Also, as the oil moves around the car, it carries heat away from the engine.


The oil, however, picks up dirt as it circulates. Over time, it will become too dirty, which can cause the engine to overheat.


Skipping your next oil change should never be an option. Drive to Pinecrest Shell & Auto Repair today to prolong your engine’s life.

Why choose us

We take pride in being one of Alexandria’s go-to oil change service providers. Our customers use our services because of the following:


Quick Services

You can change your car’s oil on your own, but it will consume much of your time and energy. Do-it-yourself oil changes also increase your engine’s risk of malfunctioning.

When you drive your car to our shop, a subpar oil-change will be the least of your concerns. Our professionals get the job done quickly and effectively. All it takes is 15 to 30 minutes before you can drive a car with a better engine.



Our professional mechanics are experts at routine oil changes. Also, they help clients gain a better understanding of the process: why it’s necessary, how long it takes, and what type of engine oil works best for your vehicle. We only use premium multi-grade oils to ensure your engine’s optimal performance.


Perks for Customers

Regular oil changes keep cars in good shape. Some vehicle owners, however, delay changing their oils because of the cost. The expense is not an issue for our clients — they receive oil change coupons from Alexandria, VA’s trusted automotive repair shop. Let us help you help your car maintain its impressive engine performance.


Never skip out on an oil change. Trust Pinecrest Shell & Auto Repair’s team to keep your engine in its best condition. Call us today for more information.