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Full service auto-repair and maintenance in Alexandria, VA

Auto repair can be the most bothersome or simplest thing you can do. Who you trust to fix your car is the one who makes the distinction. Pinecrest Shell is the auto repair destination in Alexandria, VA for many residents and we could be your repair guy as well. Our mechanics do everything and work on all car types.


We aim to deliver the best possible result in your repair. Each car can only be repaired to a certain extent based on their condition, but we try to go further than that. The service we provide is for your car to run for a long time without problems, and that’s what we deliver to every customer.

Trust Independent, Customer-Centric Service

Most Americans turn to independent repair centers like us for better service. That’s why Pinecrest Shell has a customer-centric attitude, because we want to do the best for you. We want to be your first choice for car repair in Alexandria, VA, and we have the resources to provide it.


Our state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment allows us to look closely at a car’s internal situation. There, we determine the source of the problem and what we need to repair.


If it’s not a car problem, then you’re looking for maintenance. Our mechanics can perform those regular tune-ups, oil change, brake flush, wheel balancing or other services you need at the time of your maintenance.


We can also perform state safety and emission inspections.

Expertise that's tested and proven

We are confident in serving as Alexandria’s one-stop mechanic shop. Whether it’s repair or recommendations, we can offer plenty that you don’t have to turn to anyone else.


Call us for any auto repair services in Alexandria, VA.


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